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Throughout my over 34 years as an architectural and interior designer, I've developed a personal design style I call Organic Contemporary. It resonates with me not only in my professional work, but also in my art.  My aim is to creative pieces (whether thrown on the wheel or hand built) that will be used and cherished every day, while also being considered works of art, characterized by clean lines and attention to detail.


One of my favorite parts of ceramics is glaze testing. To many potters it's drudgery because it’s so time consuming. But I love the endless possibilities and  experimenting to create  my own custom glazes. Depending on the effect I'm after,  I use eight different types of clay and high fire to cone 6 electric or cone 10 reduction. The finishes employ a variety of glazing techniques, including glazes, underglazes, slips, oxides, carving and hand painted designs.


I strive to bring meaning to my hand built pieces that reflects my love for nature. I capture this concept by incorporating wood, texture, and colors inspired by nature. Animals and birds often become my thematic inspirations, all while maintaining a simple, clean yet impactful composition and graphic design. 


Kindness and open-heartedness are principles I hold dear. This year, I created a series of small plaques on easels called "Be Kind" as a gentle reminder that we all face various challenges, urging us to show grace and understanding to one another. You never know what struggles someone may be going through.


With my "WEED FEED SEED" large plaque series, my intention is to inspire you to weed out the things in your life that aren't working, feed the things that are and plant new seeds to attract the things you want. 


For over 30 years, I’ve worked in clay at Clay Associates, where I became an Associate Member 17 years ago through a jury process. For the past few years I've been volunteering as a Studio Monitor at the  UCSD Craft Center. I absolutely love interacting with the students, sharing my knowledge with them and being energized by their new ideas and enthusiasm.


I want my art  to to express my love of nature and be a balance of earthy and sophistication with meticulous craftmanship. 


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